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Who We Are

Cunning Co. is a print and pattern studio that creates feminine illustrative designs for stationery and gifts.

Based in Atlanta, GA,  each design is hand painted by owner, Rebecca Cunningham. Inspired by the women in her life, Rebecca loves to create prints for the gardeners, animal lovers, and fashion trend setters.


Rebecca Cunningham


Hometown: Split between Long Beach, NY & St. Augustine, FL 

Zodiac: Pisces (and proud of it!)

Favorite Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You

Spirit Animal: Babette from Gilmore Girls 

Something on my bucket list: Learn to speak French fluently.

Three things I love: Burritos, Pugs, and Cooking for a houseful of friends

Contact Rebecca at cunningcodesigns@gmail.com

Bailee copy.png

Bailee Ivey


Hometown: Memphis, TN 

Zodiac: Gemini

Favorite Movie: When Harry Met Sally 

Spirit Animal: Cardinal

Something on my bucket list: Go on an African safari

Three things I love: Walking to Alon's on a Saturday morning for a coffee and chocolate croissant, looking at pretty coffee table books in bookstores, and having fresh cut flowers throughout the house. 

Contact Bailee at cunningcosocial@gmail.com


Rachel Matthews


Hometown: Kennesaw, GA


Favorite Movie: Horrible Bosses, Ugly Truth

Spirit Animal: Kitty, cause they're so cute and sassy

Something on my bucket list: Travel to Australia

Three things I love:Chocolate Chip Cookies, Wine, Pizza

Contact Rachel at cunningcosocial@gmail.com


What is #meaningfulmail?

Whenever you add a hand designed card to your cart on www.cunningco.com, you have the option to send it directly to the recipient. All you have to do is type in their address and your desired message. From there, we will transcribe your message in neat, clear handwriting, address the envelope, stamp it, and mail it out FOR YOU.


This service is perfect for sending birthday cards, holiday cards, even wedding thank you's.


The best part? They will never know that we did it for you. You’ll just be the best long distance boyfriend, daughter, friend, or grandchild that sends such thoughtful, meaningful mail.